Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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  1. Has a group ever refused to drum/sing/dance? : Never. Some groups would probably object if we gave them the chance but we go straight into the warm-up. Not to dismiss their doubts but to give them an immediate experience of the work, which they enjoy. Going deeper is easy then, because everyone gets on board to see what’s coming next. So, no, we’ve never had a mass walk-out.
  2. Has an individual ever refused to drum/sing/dance? : Out of 50,000 people we’ve worked with 3 people haven’t wanted to join in. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, depending on the reason, we build it into the event (without embarrassing the person). The sessions are all about empowerment, and sometimes it’s more powerful to say a clear “No”.
  3. My group are particularly resistant / cynical. Are you sure it’s going to work with them? : We’re sure your people respond well to challenges if they are presented properly. All our facilitators are high in emotional intelligence. They’ll read the group quickly and know where and how to begin. Remember that cynics are disillussioned idealists, and given the right chance, they actually like learning new skills.
  4. We want this to be a surprise, can you make sure they don’t see the equipment beforehand? : 75%of our sessions are surprises, so we’re used to hiding drums in conference centres and walking on stage without any introduction. We rather enjoy it.
  5. Can we split the delegates, learn different skills, then bring them together at the end? : This works well, and there are all sorts of permutations. Either different aspects of the same musical form (EGs. Samba, African Village), different music from far-flung continents, or sequenced chapters in a made-up story. Spread over a couple of hours or a couple of days, take your pick.
  6. This is part of a training day: can you robustly bring out the learning points? : Unlike a lot of other Motivational Music suppliers we are also a Training company, so the answer is Yes. Transformation is our passion. We’re always looking for ways to bring learning alive by mixing it with memorable experiences.
  7. Can you supply follow-up training sessions? : Leadership, Visioning, Change management… Our trainers will take your teams as far as they are willing to go. Yes, we like having long-term relationships with clients and watching the culture change occur in the company.
  8. This is an international event, is language a problem? : The metaphor of everyone playing the same rhythm in harmony is not often lost on teams who fly in from different corners of the world. Music is literally an international language – connections are made fast and in a full-bodied way. It sets up an optimistic atmosphere.
  9. What countries do you work in? : We’ve worked in China, Russia, Turkey, America, Turkey, Austria, France, Andorra, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Australia, UK and we have a booking coming up in Iceland. Check out free poker room.  So, wherever there are people you’ll find us bringing them together.

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Your questions answered
Your questions answered