PUBLIC EVENTS - October 2013 Free Drum Circle


PEACE FLASHMOB 21st September 2014


DATE:  Sunday 21st September
TIME: 3pm – please gather from 2.45pm and wait for it to start.
VENUE: Trafalgar Square, London, UK

At 3pm Tom Morley, our Peace Ambassador, will appear in the ‘perfomance space’ (where the buskers normally are) in front of the National Gallery (see video above).
Tom will begin an African call-and-response song called ‘Ole-o Peace Day’. At first no-one will answer and he will look dejected, then the Olympics Pandemonium Drummers will answer LOUDLY and quickly form a human Peace Sign around him, DRUMMING enthusiastically and singing. Other singers will now join in the Peace Day response.
Next the drummers will form a large square, leaving a space in the middle for the JCI dancers to come in and do a choreographed dance for Peace.
As SOON AS the drummers stop we will all disperse as if nothing unusual has taken place, keeping to the standard flashmob protocol. The whole event will take 10 minutes during which time stewards will be handing out leaflets suggesting concrete ways to get involved in International Peace Day.


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Getting a bunch of strangers to interact in an authentic way is quite a skill, yet Tom manages to do this effortlessly. Within 15 minutes we're friends making music together, sometimes around a common cause, and sometimes for the pure fun of it. All the Instant Teamwork facilitators seem to know how to do this. Beware - Masters at work!
Ibrar Dar, Painter and Decorator