Go to Art School if you want to form a Band

Green (guitar and vocals), Nial Jinks (bass) and myself (drums) formed Scritti Politti in 1978, inspired by groups like The Clash and Steel Pulse, who we used to go and see play around town.

We were pioneers of DIY recording and inspired many other indie bands to make their own records by printing all the costs and names of cheap studios and pressing plants on our record sleeves.

Several decades later you’ll see the video above was recorded in the DIY tradition, by gaffa taping my iPhone to our front door, filming myself in Chicago in a break at a corporate event, and enrolling some friends at a private party to sing the choruses.

The beat goes on…

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Scritti Politti made history, not just with their songs but with their uncompromising attitude.
Neil Spencer, Editor, NME