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How do you create teams of innovative problem-solvers AND combat winter absenteeism?

You do it by Setting off Fireworks in the Brain!

Did you know that every time we listen to music there’s a firework display in our brains?

And if we actually pick up an instrument and start learning to play it – whatever it is – something amazing happens.

The firework display expands to all areas of the brain at once.

This means that nearly all parts of the brain are engaged simultaneously – visual, motor and auditory.  It also means that the two hemispheres of the brain, (left focusing on the linguistic and mathematical and right on the novel and creative), start working at the same time and connecting with each other. When this happens the bridge between the two hemispheres increases in volume and activity and that’s good news. It’s basically a full body work-out for the brain.

Give your team a full brain and body workout with Team Drumming Team Singing, Boomwhackers and Africa Remix.

So what are the benefits for us back at work?

The brain is now strengthened and super-charged for other activities outside music-making.


People who have learned to play music for even a short period of time are likely to be able to solve problems faster and more creatively than others.


Playing a musical instrument greatly enhances our memory systems – the ability to create, store and retrieve memories.  Tests have shown that memories are also tagged multiple times, like a search engine, making retrieval faster and more efficient.

Planning and Strategising

Playing music requires the simultaneous analysis of both emotional and data content.  Tests have shown that this enhances our ability to plan, think strategically and pay attention to detail.


But that’s not all. There have been several clinical studies recently aimed at finding out whether music really does have any tangible physiological benefits.  And the answer is YES.

Physiological and Mood Benefits

So in addition to boosting our higher brain functions and making our neurons fire on all cylinders, it turns out that music alters our brain and body chemistry – fighting stress and the blues and even giving our immune systems a boost.

In clinical tests using standard Mood State tests and the Maslach Burnout Inventory it was fund that music-making:

  • Manages mood/ state of mind and significantly reduces burnout.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Boosts physical immunity.
  • Greatly aids social bonding.

And did we mention that it’s also FUN?

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