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OLD-SCHOOL Social Networking

I got into group singing by accident. I was going to fortnightly drum classes in London and I got the dates mixed up. They alternated with African Harmony classes and I turned up not recognising anyone. With a drum. I have to say I was greeted quite warmly by the teacher so I stayed. It was a revelation. I’d always been keen on connecting people and this seemed to do it quite effortlessly. Within an hour we’d built up a group vibe which was relentlessly authentic.

That was 20 years ago and I’ve been facilitating groups ever since. I got the whole of the Albert Hall singing a couple of years ago, but mainly I work with corporate conferences of a few hundred people. The movie above shows a return to my roots though – a bunch of strangers singing in a hired hall in North London.

They were lucky on this particular night because I invited some good friends, Stephen Jeffreys (guitar), Rocky Racoon (melodeon) and Zak Dajani (bass) to join us. Usually it’s just me my drum and a whole bunch of enthusiastic voices but we had the added support of melodic instruments for this workshop. Yes, we all could have stayed at home safely Tweeting, and there was a certain amount of that going on in the pub afterwards, but I also saw some people mute their phones and actually talk out loud to each other, old-school.