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Rap Storytelling

Customised impromptu storytelling for you and your teams

Dawn’s storytelling was creative, inspiring and unique – she captured our experience and told it back to us in a way that transformed it. It was hilarious and thought-provoking’. Sarah Doherty, senior international manager, Civil Aviation Authority

Now that there’s no denying the darker evenings and chilly mornings we all hunker down, go indoors and start planning Christmas and winter revelry.

And what could be better than celebrating with … a story?
Especially a story that stars … YOU!

We all know how useful stories are in organisations – they are all over the place – stories to engage, motivate, spice up presentations. But let’s not forget that stories are also pure entertainment and fun.

Rap Storytelling is a unique experience that will inject the sparkle into your end of year get-together.
Think of it as inviting the Fool to Court (your Christmas party). The fool tells it how it is but wrapped up in mystery, metaphor and jokes.

It’s all TRUE, of course, but also fiction – and which is which anyway?

How does it work?
The storyteller gathers as much detail as possible before or during the event. Accompanied by atmospheric drumming she weaves together the facts and characters into a fantastic concoction of magical reality… instantly recognisable and with all the in-jokes.

Heckling welcome!

Why not extend the experience with a team drumming session beforehand. see Drumming Then you can create your own punctuation, drum rolls and sound effects during the performance.

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