Developing good leadership skills

”Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.’  Dwight D. Eisenhower

The development of clear-headed, engaging, genuinely powerful Leadership is a sought-after and sometimes elusive Holy Grail in organisations.

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Leadership has always been the key to gaining the edge in any market – and is especially true now. Leading for change, leading for resilience and leading for engagement requires leaders who are confident and secure in themselves, who know how to motivate – even reassure their teams, and how to communicate powerfully and effectively.  Developing leaders is the most valuable investment a company can make.

The qualities needed for powerful leadership are different from those of a manager.  Many leaders are promoted from management positions and then find they need to develop new and complementary skills to lead effectively.  The truth is that a good leader needs excellent management as well as leadership skills in order to succeed.  Leadership can be taught – it is not some kind of gene that you either have or have not. However, leadership skills are often invisible, internal ‘qualities of being’ rather than just doing, which is why leadership sometimes seems elusive.

Instant Teamwork has been exploring the whole area of Leadership development for fifteen years and has sourced a stable of consultants, experts in their field, facilitators and trainers who understand what is needed to develop powerful, engaging leadership. Leaders who walk the talk and understand how to have vision, generate strategy and communicate to their teams – as well as having the inner strength and confidence to deliver results.

Instant Teamwork has developed a range of programmes of varying lengths to meet the needs of emerging leaders and managers, designed to match different levels, from new talent management to Board level leadership enhancement.  We will work with you where required to identify gaps and needs and then recommend the most effective programme or  interventions.

Attitude:  the one (invisible) thing that changes everything.

Because we believe that effective leadership is conscious leadership, our personal and conscious leadership programmes focus on the inner leader; so we work with teams and individuals to help develop and enhance their self-awareness. The more aware the leader, the more they can manage their impact on others and handle situations as they arise in the best and most effective way.  When asked, most people say that Attitude has as much as 80% impact on the results they achieve.  And yet it is not taught in schools and we rarely pay it any attention. Habitually the focus is first and foremost on the tasks at hand and the team we manage. So our personal and conscious leadership programmes address this imbalance. This means that addressing personal leadership must come first – we learn to manage ourselves, our own attitudes and reactions, to develop Attitudinal Intelligence, before we look at leading and managing others.

Some managers still believe that they work best under stress, whereas scientific research – as well as the empirical evidence of the economic crisis we find ourselves in – shows that under stress we are literally incapable of accessing the most rational and discerning part of our brain. So creative problem solving, responding in the moment, generating motivation and engagement in colleagues and teams, all require skills in handling our own attitudes and behaviour.

Our shorter training sessions deliver skills and techniques that can be quickly learned and practiced in the session.  For example our Communication, presence and personal impact trainings can be offered in a single day, or broken into modules of two or three hours.

Instant Teamwork offer courses to cover all major aspects of Leadership Development; how the leader creates vision and purpose, based on corporate and individual values; generating and communicating strategy. One of our most successful programmes is the Leader as Storyteller – the power of storytelling in organisations, how to craft stories, when and where to use them, and how the leader presents her story in the most engaging and powerful way. All our events are interactive and experiential.  Experiential learning is the most effective way to teach new skills and ensure that they are remembered.  So our sessions involve exercises, real experiences and practice of techniques and a lot of group involvement.

One of the challenges facing most organisations at the present time is how to generate and sustain the energy and drive needed to achieve results in a difficult market. We need to get more out of our teams, but many cannot work any longer hours.  We teach ways of generating, managing and sustaining energy that attend to mind, body and spirit – enabling the leader and teams to get the best out of themselves and develop resilience, as well as offering value to the organisation.  It’s a win-win solution.





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Your session was excellent and was exactly what i was looking for when I asked for it.It was excelently facilitated by you both and we all felt in capable and professional hands.
Peter Lester, management consultant