Personal Presence and Impact

The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public’. – George Jessel

For many people the fear of speaking in public is second only to being burned alive. No wonder, then, that impact is an issue.  It’s impossible to have the impact we want if we are terrified, however well we attempt to disguise the fact. And presence is often seen as an intangible, inner quality – one that says ‘I am confident and engaged in what I’m doing and in you’.

Here at Instant Teamwork we are in the minority – we are no longer afraid of speaking in public.  Which is fortunate. But most of us have had to learn how to manage our impact and develop a strong presence. It didn’t come naturally.  This is the good news – it can be taught.

Call us to find out how we can help you individually or as a team to develop your presence and confidence, so that your impact is what you want.

The clue is ‘personal’

Many courses address only the issue of how to ‘appear’ confident. It’s hard to create a good first impression for a job interview or new boss when we are beset by fears that remain un-challenged. Of course there are some very useful techniques – to do with personal grooming, personal presentation, body language, WHAT we say and how we say it – that can provide valuable touchstones.

However, we go further – we believe that genuine presence comes from within and cannot be faked. How are we being?  What is our state of mind? Confidence levels? So our sessions work with the whole person – the body, mind and emotions – and investigate the underlying causes that prevent us from expressing ourselves confidently in public, and even enjoying it.

We cover all aspects of how to manage your presence and impact, including handling nerves and stage fright, remaining confident with senior leaders, having a powerful impact in meetings and how to radiate genuine presence.

Using tried and tested experiential training tools, we provide examples and situations that are as real as possible, so that participants can really practice their new skills. Combined with music and well-tried theatre techniques, we investigate the nature of our ‘presence’ and how it affects ‘presenting’. Delegates may learn presentation skills, as well as techniques to bring their innate passion and enthusiasm forward – to engage and inspire themselves and others.

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We asked Instant Teamwork to apply their ‘golden touch’ to our Comms day – having already experienced their skill at bringing disparate people together and helping create relationships and break down silos. This was a really enjoyable way to be pushed outside one's comfort zone. I also felt the event was a real energiser, my 'saw' is definitely sharper today.
David Dinsdale, Director, SERCO