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1 Giant Leap 

‘An electric combination’ – Jamie Catto and Tom Morley ignite meetings, seminars and conferences, with their irresistible mix of organisational insight, musical metaphor and engaging interactivity.

Take 1 Giant Leap with your team and see where you land…

Jamie and Tom offer inspirational talks to spark transformation and creativity. Go deeper with workshops – 2 hours to 3 days. Learn techniques to get your Mojo back.

Most of us operate at 50-60% of our full potential – The levels of stress, boredom and lack of personal engagement in the workplace can be a real factor in limiting the organisation’s potential and restricting growth.

1 Giant Leap sessions are dynamic, fun, humorous, stretching and full-on. They breath fresh air into charged and renewed motivation, coupled with a changed perspective on everyday challenges and relationships.

Why Jamie Catto?
Instant Teamwork are delighted to be working in partnership with Jamie Catto. Jamie is well-known for his ground-breaking work co-producing and directing the double Grammy nominated film ‘1 Giant Leap’ which encountered high profile writers, thinkers, spiritual gurus and entertainers including Bob Geldof, Steven Fry, Deepak Chopra, Michael Stipe, and Brian Eno.

Jamie’s creative genius really comes into its own when he works with group dynamics. He has an instinct for fitting into organisations and understands how to deal with challenging and complex situations. He also has first-hand experience in bringing the germ of a brilliant idea into being – to produce successful projects and people into being.

Jamie says: “Success is sustainable when individuals and teams are personally engaged with the work, with each other, and especially with themselves. Discovering unexpected reserves of untapped skills benefits the whole team. I employ techniques within group dynamics that raise sensitivity and awareness in challenging situations. This enables a ‘harvesting’ of gifts and insights as opposed to blocks and resistance.”


BEN WIELGUS – ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, KPMG                           “Jamie is instantly engaging and memorable. We were looking for someone to help our team see that they can be more effective and happier in their roles by bringing more of themselves to work. Jamie did that fantastically. Through a series of stretching activities and sheer enthusiasm he helped our diverse group explore their strengths and ‘darker’ sides more to understand how each has a role in delivering their best to each other and our clients. He also took the time to understand more about who we are to ensure that his work was tailored and we really look forward to working with him again.”

CARL LE BLOND – CREATIVE DIRECTOR, OGILVY & MATHER “Jamie effortlessly captivated a room full of seasoned creative directors from all over Europe. He’s a positive inspiration – a force for good.”

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH                                                                              “A polite warning; prolonged exposure to Jamie Catto could blow your mind…”

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It takes Jamie’s approach to bring out our full potential. What he did at Google was breathtaking! Want to energise your team? Engage Jamie today!
Enrique Naldo - Head of Travel, GOOGLE