Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things. Drucker

Management is about skills, leadership is about skills coupled with character.  Gebhardt

If there is a clear distinction between the processes of managing and the process of leading it is between getting others to do – managing – and getting others to want to do – leading. Kouzes, Posner

We at Instant Teamwork don’t teach management skills – there are plenty of books and courses out there to do that. Talk to us about our Leadership programmes, and ask about ‘Followship’ too!

In the last thirty years or so most experts have agreed that there are fundamental differences between the skills of Management and the art of Leadership. Although they are not the same thing, they are necessarily linked, and complementary. Leadership and management must go hand in hand. We see Leadership as an art because it involves qualities, character, invisible attributes, the HOW am I doing things (and Why).  Management is far more about the What and When.

Unlike management, leadership is not connected to a role – anyone can display strong leadership. Naturally organisations want management and leadership capability within the same person – a leader needs to know how to manage well, and a good manager needs leadership skills in order to be successful. Results are driven by visible as well as invisible skills and attributes of the manager/ leader. So we talk about ‘management’ and ‘leadership’, rather than a Manager or a Leader; and we believe that leadership skills can be learned – you don’t have to be born with great leadership genes.

We design Leadership programmes, or you choose from:

Teambuilding Training; Personal Leadership,  Training for Attitude; Impact and Presence; Communication skills

At the top of the page are some definitions that well-known writers have used to define leadership and management – here are some more:

LeadershipWork on the cultureProduce ChangeInnovateMotivating


Setting the Direction

Aligning People

Setting purpose

Creates and communicates vision

Change agent

Creating strategy

Engaging, inspiring, empowering

Not connected to a role, but is an attitude and behaviour

Leads by example, takes risks, is willing to be honest

Long-term view, focus on horizon as well

Focus on people, inspires trust

 ManagementWork within the cultureProduce OrderAdministerControlling


Planning, sourcing

Organising and staffing

Solving problems

Focus on tasks and outcomes

Coping with change

Implementing strategy

Does not build emotional loyalty

Connected to role, hierarchical, manages people

Follows process to achieve results  and targets

Short-range view, focus on bottom line

Focus on systems and structures.

People don’t want to be managed.  They want to be led.

Whoever heard of a world manager?

World leader, yes.

    Educational leader..

        Political leader.

            Religious leader.

                Community leader.

            Union leader.

    Business leader.

They lead. They don’t manage.

If you want to manage somebody, manage yourself.

Do that well and you’ll be ready to stop managing.

And start leading. (Adapted from a message published in the Wall Street Journal by the United Technologies Corp)


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Instant Teamwork's creative approach has proved to kick start learning programmes, in a way that engages and focuses the attention right from the get-go. They are also masters at flexing their contribution around the overall learning journey of the participants. We at ELP have been using them for several years now and the evaluation forms reflect the success of this collaboration.
Nick Van Heck, partner Executive Learning Partnership