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The future is simply infinite possibility waiting to happen. What it waits on is human imagination to crystallise its possibility Leland Kaiser

We believe that teams achieve excellence when individual skills and aptitudes are used and celebrated, personal values are acknowledged and there is a common vision. Individuals can lead for high performance in this way – whether or not they are in a leadership role.

These are some of our favourite sessions – talk to us about how you and your teams could benefit from a fresh engagement with your vision, based on personal and company values.

These powerful modules are part training, part team-build. Participants may begin by finding their voice, learning simple, melodic call-and-response and harmony songs, before being sensitively facilitated to identify their own personal values. The visioning process uses hundreds of images provided by us to build a collective group vision. The final step is to bring all these elements together in one unforgettable experience.

Balanced between group and individual work, the sessions enable people to take the time to explore their own values and guiding principles, as well as gaining a real insight into their colleagues and managers and what is important to them as people.

Time spent together like this often produces unexpected outcomes – a clarity of vision, re-alignment behind missions that have become stale or ignored, re-engagement with the team and organisation, and a clearer focus on strategy and next steps.  Sessions are suitable for both intact teams and delegates who work distantly from each other.

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I know many of the group found the image of all of our pictures together at the end one of the strongest memories that they'll have of the two days.
Joanna Pascual, PLAN International