Stories with impact

“We spend most of our time in organisations talking and thinking about the visible and discernible things – facts, actions, processes, even though it is the invisible values, attitudes and narratives that are actually driving most of what is going on” Steve Denning

Powerful Engagement derives from: a clear message; a powerful story, making the message real and living for the audience; confident delivery congruent with the message and story and tailored to the audience.

This Module contains:

  • Exercises to free up creativity
  • Techniques and information, guidelines for building stories
  • Exercises to craft generic stories
  • Exercises to build stories for their purposes

 Outcomes – delegates will:        

  • Learn how to discern which information to use and how to create a cohesive story from it.
  • Discover the elements of successful stories.
  • Understand the differences between stories for entertainment and stories for the purposes of their function.
  • Practice generating stories from information.
  • Be confident to give their opinion or conclusions.
  • Focus on writing vs performing stories.
  • Give and receive feedback to each other.


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