Manage your Energy - not your Time!

The science of stamina has advanced to the point where individuals, teams and whole organisations can – with some straightforward interventions – significantly increase their capacity to get things done. Harvard Business Review

Currently most of us are all too familiar with putting in longer hours to get things done; and the amount of effort needed for just the daily necessaries seems to increase exponentially.  But where do we find more hours in our already packed lives? And how do we get to balance our work and home lives in a healthy way?

Instant Teamwork has made a study of energy and how to generate and maintain it at work – we offer courses from one day to 6 week programmes for leaders at all levels.

Ask us how we can best serve you as an individual and your teams and colleagues. we will tailor sessions and programmes to suit your time and budget.

The costs of not paying attention to managing our energy well include talent drain. Managers become disengaged, exhausted and sick – with the risk of burn out, or leave to follow a healthier lifestyle. Many organisations have now realised that, while time is a finite resource, personal Energy is renewable.  And we’re not talking about an extra shot in the morning latte.  You can quickly learn can be simple fast exercises and rituals that will affect your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual balance.

The Business Case

Introducing simple practices that support and renew energy can improve productivity and sustain performance. There is striking evidence of the value of energy renewal in the banking industry. In 2007, at Wachovia Bank in the USA, a group of employees took part in an energy renewal programme. Here are the results, as described in the October 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review.

  • On average they produced 13% higher revenues than those who did not take part
  • 68% of participants said the programme had a positive impact on their relationships with clients and customers
  • 71% of participants said it had a noticeable or substantial positive impact on their productivity and performance
  • Many reported feeling more engaged with the company’s values and vision because they felt the organisation was investing in all of the dimensions of their lives.

If you want to know the state of your own energy bank account here are some symptoms of energy imbalance:

  • Disturbed sleep
  • Feeling un-rested on waking
  • Unable to engage with family as much as would like
  • Feelings of guilt or discontent, or frustration or overwhelm, or drop in motivation
  • Sense of not enough time for everything
  • Quick fix diet/ drink
  • Not enough time to exercise
  • Eating at your desk

Our longer programmes address generating and sustaining energy on four levels:


  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Notice your signs of flagging energy
  • Rest/ renewal periods


  • What impact do negative thought patterns have?
  • Have you noticed changes in emotional state when energy low?
  • How to manage this when some of it is sub-conscious and seems to be operating regardless of my efforts to stop it?
  • Sense of appreciating and being appreciated


  • How to be aligned with our values and who we really are, even in rough and tumble of life.
  • Focus in the midst of distractions
  • How to go ‘back to base’ quickly when necessary in short moments of refreshment.
  • Achieving long term spiritual satisfaction

Brand New for 2013 are our short programmes of half – day Manage Your Energy Masterclasses for teams and departments.

Participants receive insights and techniques from facilitators who have made a lifelong study in different energy disciplines and who deliver lively and refreshing sessions with plenty of time for personal experience and practice.

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