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A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundleJapanese proverb

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. 
Michael Jordan

There’s an understanding among leaders at all levels that we need to engage and motivate the teams we manage. But how? How do we release the discretionary effort in our people, so that we can move from being good enough to being truly excellent, firing on all cylinders? Obviously there’s a lot to building a great team. And although we at Instant Teamwork are happy to deliver a short, vibrant experience of working together as a team, we are also well versed in deeper explorations of what it takes to create and maintain a high performing, motivated and happy team.

Ask us now about our team building training programmes and short courses – from half a day to 3 days.

Sometimes teams need to invest time and attention together,  focusing on their dynamics, purposes, motivation and relationships.  This is where we come in.  We can run diagnostics on the team’s performance and look at blocks and levers – identifying what is sabotaging performance and what can you rely on to carry you through the hard times.

People sometimes say that a group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others. This is just one of the indicators of personal confidence, security in the team, willingness to look out at and for others, awareness of the bigger picture – that leaders want to engender in their teams.

Based on our findings we recommend the training interventions that will build on the strong foundations you already have and address any issues or gaps. We have a wide range of training tools at our disposal and each teambuilding training, whatever the length, embeds insights and learnings through the means of tangible experience.  We use a powerful combination of experiential learning, world – class training tools, and dynamic group teambuilding sessions.

Team building Training courses and sessions are suitable for new teams, merged teams, teams with a new manager or leadership, teams that have experienced re-structuring – or any team that thinks there is room for improvement, or could do with a refresh!

Depending on the length of the sessions or programme the content may include:

Team Diagnostics – this may include individual psychometric tests, team analysis (using tools such as Belbin), or 360 feedback.

Purpose and Aims of the Team 

Leadership of the Team 

Personal Leadership 

Valuing Diversity in the Team

Communication in the Team 

Team Relationships 

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It was perfect for bonding us as a group; you met us where we were 'at' and took us further ..
Liz Goold, consultant