Choose Your Attitude

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Viktor E Frankl

Put simply, choosing our attitude means taking personal responsibility for our response or reaction to whatever we meet in life – whether at home or work.  Sounds simple?  It’s not. We all know at heart that it’s our own attitude that makes all the difference in our relationships, in whether we’ve had a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day – even in the quality of the results we achieve.

Attitude is a prime enabler of results. In fact may people claim that attitude accounts for as much as 80% of our results, whatever they are. We sometimes accuse each other of having a ‘bad’ or ‘poor’ attitude, but we are never taught HOW to handle our own attitude, or even to identify where our attitude is at any given moment. Crazy.

Our facilitators work with world-class, cutting edge methodology that addresses HOW to manage and choose our attitude. Ask us about our experience, case histories and how you can transform your team’s performance by addressing attitude.

The methodology we use is Attitudinal Intelligence™. Described as ‘the one thing that changes everything’  it has grown out of the major psychological advances of the 20th Century. Attitudinal Intelligence™ delivers practical, accessible techniques that enable people to identify the  behaviours that potentially sabotage our confidence, success and ability to communicate powerfully – and the attitudes that drive these behaviours. By handling the root causes, delegates also learn how to manage and even choose their attitude, so that they can respond clearly and effectively in any given situation.  Read more in our blogs about the Imposter Syndrome and Amygdala Hijack (managing stress and developing resilience)

Outcomes of the sessions include:

Recognition of all the options available, resilience even in difficult circumstances

Increased personal accountability and ownership

Clarity of perspective

Enhanced confidence and ability to make clear decisions

Improvement in creativity and ability to innovate and problem-solve

Ability to handle pressure and stress

Ability to prioritise and drive for goals

Better relationships, fewer silos


The skills and techniques of Attitudinal Intelligence™ (AQ) were developed by K Bradford Brown, an American psychologist, entrepreneur businessman, psychotherapist and theologian. Since the 1970s Dr Brown’s work has been used in education, the public, private and corporate domains to enable anyone to grow, change and reach their fullest potential. It is currently being used in some of our major organisations in the UK,  USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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A huge and heartfelt thank you to you and Tom for all that you both did to make it the it was. We promised ‘great’ and thanks to your passion, honesty, insight and words of wisdom we delivered just that and so much more. I have been inundated with inspirational feedback.
Dr Samantha Collins, CEO and Founder , Aspire, Leadership for the Future