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ABN Amro, Argos, Adecco, Alliance and Leicester, Allied Domecq, AstraZeneca, Albert Hall, A&B, BAT, BMA, Britvic, BOSCH, B&Q, Boots, BP, Cadbury-Schweppes, Chateauform’, Climate Group, Citigroup, COINS, Credit Agricole, Danone, Deutschebank, Deloittes, Dexia Credit, Disney, EUC, Executive Learning Partnership, Evening Standard, Flight Centre, Fitness First, GFSmith, GSK, Hay Group, HBoS, Hozelock, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson Wax, Kraft, KPMG, Leaseplan, London Fire Brigade, Lush, MTV, Macmillan Cancer, Marks & Spencer, Microdec, NHS, Network Housing, Nichols Group, Nokia, Nexum, NHS, Orange, Phoenix Group, Pirelli, Regus, SEEDA, Serco, Shell, Specsavers, Teen Cancer Trust, Timberland, RAC, UBS Warburg, Unilever, University of Sussex, Virgin Unite, Wrigleys, West LB Bank, Xansa

Instant Teamwork is privileged to work with a range of organisations – large and small – from Global Corporates to SMEs to Education, Charities and the Public Sector.

Although some of our introductions to organisations are as a ‘one-off’ surprise, we are fortunate enough to have developed close and trusting relationships with a number of clients who come back year after year to co-create and develop teambuilding sessions, seminars and training programmes.

These are some of our long-standing clients:

ELP – client: Leaseplan

We partnered Executive Learning Partnership in designing and delivering a pilot for a week-long Leadership programme for senior managers in this international organisation.

The first morning delegates plunged in at the deep end with a Storytelling session that led them by imperceptible stages to break the ice with each other and have important conversations about normally taboo subjects. By the first break the group members were all on the same page and talking a common language, regardless of the number of years served or the territory they came from. They had released their creative problem-solving potential and were ready for the strategic thinking part of the programme.

During the 5-day programme we delivered energy sessions calculated to reflect the material for the day and accelerate the participants’ journeys.  These include a range of exercises from the disciplines of yoga, energy medicine and rhythm.

The pilot turned into a full roll-out and we have just completed the seventh programme.

Outcomes include enhanced access to strategic discussions, based on a common understanding of what has led them to this stage, enhanced team work and communication and deeper conversations with each other.

“Instant Teamwork’s creative approach has proved to kick start learning programmes, in a way that engages and focuses the attention right from the get-go. They are also masters at flexing their contribution around the overall learning journey of the participants. We at ELP have been using them for several years now and the evaluation forms reflect the success of this collaboration.” Nick Van Heck, partner Executive Learning Partnership

Speakfirst – client: KPMG

Instant Teamwork were invited to add value to KPMG’s Personal Impact event for fast-track managers – by creating simple, immediate techniques to deliver the experiences of how we habitually relate to each other. Using drumming, movement and some guided conversations we focused delegates on their own behaviours, raised their awareness and laid the foundation for the following Personal Impact models and teaching.  This session was so successful that we were included in the event for four consecutive years.

One of the outcomes was that delegates started applying what they had learned about managing their own state before communicating with colleagues to other modules in the seminar, and began to reflect more deeply on their own impact.

“They were such a hit when we introduced them to our annual training event with KPMG that their session quickly became integral to the value we added. They have the gift of aligning seamlessly with whatever we design – unique… “ Amanda Vickers, MD, Speakfirst

Serco/ Businesslink  ‘Clear and Effective Communication’

Instant Teamwork delivered a team-building day for 120 managers from Serco and Businesslink. This was greeted with enthusiastic feedback, and an invitation for the following year to deliver a day devoted to ‘Clear and Effective Communication’ to a similar audience.  Our brief was precise and we designed activities to: sharpen awareness of how to:

Communicate at different levels within the Civil Service;            Assess the perspective of the other person, and act accordingly;   Summarise efficiently, so that a clear concise message is created; Improve presentation skills – to get their message across fast; Understand the impact of how a message lands – in email communication as well as face to face.

We employed a variety of activities and metaphors for this, including Samba music, NLP exercises, and The Front Page Challenge – a method we designed to practice delivering messages/ stories at different levels.

The outcomes were that delegates had a physical and mental experience of the impacts of their unconsidered communication.  The message went home partly because the experience was out of their normal frame of reference.

“We asked ITW to apply their ‘golden touch’ to our Comms day – having already experienced their skill at bringing disparate people together and helping create relationships and break down silos. This was a really enjoyable way to be pushed outside one’s comfort zone. I also felt the event was a real energiser, my ‘saw’ is definitely sharper today.”  David Dinsdale, Director, SERCO

HBoS – Improved working relationships within the Region

Instant Teamwork was originally asked to break the ice at a two- day training on leadership and creativity using simple percussion, rhythm and singing exercises. Later in the event our facilitators returned for a longer, more focused singing and percussion session, tailored so that the trainers had plenty of material to ‘unpack’ and draw learning points in subsequent sessions.

The following year we returned to help embed messages at a regional event, where delegates were working on improving their relationships and communication with each other. We delivered a series of rolling 45 minute workshops, including Working in Harmony [singing], Different Beats [drumming], Energise [dancing] and Working with our Resources [making and playing percussion].  At the end all delegates assembled for a jubilant celebration of what they had learned, orchestrated by Instant Teamwork.

The outcomes were a more profound understanding of what it is like to work with others, even when they are in a different role or at a different level within the company – based on a real experience.  They also experienced the joy when this all works smoothly.

“People loved the drumming so much last year that we were racking our brains to find something to match it this year. My team were really proud of how well we performed and we enjoyed every minute of it! I have reminded my team since that we often believe we can’t do things until we give it a go and then we surprise ourselves by how good we are.” Margaret Pearson-Deighton, Regional Sales Manager, Halifax

Nexum –  client: Le Credit Lyonnais

Nexum secured a two-year contract with Le Credit Lyonnais in Paris to run a Leadership programme for senior managers.  Instant Teamwork designed interventions for the two-day programme, which were used to accelerate learning and embed experiences. These included exercises to reveal different leadership styles and their impact on the team, creating their rhythmic leadership story and looking at how they communicated important messages.

Outcomes included a deeper understanding  of their leadership style and impact, based on experiences/ activities that were out of the norm.

“Instant Teamwork represents an incredible way to open people’s minds and to instantly create some “positive glue” between any group members.” Yves Piette, senior consultant, Nexum 

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