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We have earned our reputation as a world-class team building organisation by:

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One of our most frequently requested team building activities is Team Drumming. Some of the benefits of group drumming are that it stimulates team performance by tapping into people’s core energies, sharpening listening, focus, concentration and risk-taking. In practice, delegates see an array of drums and percussion instruments when they walk into the room. Depending on group size, the team may be divided to learn different drum rhythms, before combining them as a whole. The result is a powerful sound that gives participants a real sense of achievement and crucially leaves them with the knowledge that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A popular creative team building session involves team singing. We have a choice of activities in this category, the most popular of which is African Harmony Singing. Outcomes of this exercise include improving confidence in giving presentations, enhancing listening skills and the experience of achieving a common goal through collaboration. Many people believe they can’t sing, so when they discover they can they are both surprised and delighted. On a deeper level they’ve just broken through a limiting belief they may have held for years. A truly memorable experience.

One of our most varied team activities is Africa Remix, which consistently delivers powerful benefits. These include a willingness to take risks, something that is increasingly important for many businesses; a better understanding of the benefits of group participation; and the celebration of team spirit. During the event, delegates are able to get a real taste of pan African culture by rotating between workshops of drumming, dance, group harmony singing and mask-making, after which the drummers, singers and dancers are orchestrated in a final performance worthy of a Broadway show.

At the moment Storytelling as a skill is attracting a lot of interest in the business world. Our team sessions provide a memorable and fun way to experience sharing knowledge at all levels. The aims of this session include creating a common language, building lasting bonds, and developing and owning strategy. The delegates gradually create the story of their own journey. Sometimes within a mythic structure, the story tells of past challenges, present battles and their future vision and hoped-activities, exercises and for achievements. What often emerges is an imaginative and hilarious performance based on the team’s actual experiences. If you have a team that work together but do not spend much time as a unit this is a fun team building event for them to get to know each other. It also works well for teams who have recently merged, or a team that simply wants to celebrate a recent success. We provide guidance with themes, special effects and materials for costumes.

Bonding by having Fun

One of our more unusual, though increasingly popular management team building sessions is Boomwhackers. For groups as small as five and as large as 5000, a Boomwhacker session creates instant team harmony. Boomwhackers are tuned percussion instruments, plastic tubes between one and four feet long. You create a musical sound by holding the tube in one hand and whacking it with the other. With our help groups can have lots of fun. The aims of this event are to work on team and personal coordination, help develop listening skills and increase alertness, all vital for the work place.

We also know plenty of team building games and we will make sure that you choose the right ones for your team. We have a professional team of creative people waiting to discuss your needs and make a recommendation. For example, if your team that are experiencing stress in the work place we would encourage you to book a Stress Buster event, which is aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle, boosting morale and reducing absenteeism. Stress can have a seriously negative affect on productivity and team spirit at work and this group team building exercise goes a long way to redress the adverse effects of modern life. Mobile phones and computers are useful tools, but they are even better when balanced with breathing exercises, body-work, yoga and the power of rhythm. We build work-based programmes to keep teams powerfully energetic.

Create a Connection

For teams looking for quick results in a short period of time Body Percussion is an office team building session that does just that. This session delivers improved connections and mutual understanding in a fun and enjoyable way. Working with rhythm simultaneously stimulates the left and right sides of the brain; left (logical) and right (creative) synchronicity is a highly desirable state, allowing people to work in the flow. Delegates also learn to embody messages, and discover how much can be done with limited resources. To achieve this, the main focus is on a willingness to try something new, which is totally different from the every day routine. No instruments are used, as participants slap, click, clap and stomp as a fun warm up exercise before learning simple parts that make up a complicated whole when performed at the same time. As one of the team building exercises, everyone in the group stomps their feet at the same time to create a common pulse. On top of this we add different clapping parts and a transformational connection can be felt as the different parts ‘lock’. As people become aware that what they are doing is improving their working relationships, companies find that employees who otherwise are not quick to interact with one another open up and a new side to their personality becomes apparent. As a team building company we know that this can only have a positive effect on the company’s productivity.

If you are looking at team building for a corporate event you may consider using dance as a theme. We have several options; Team Dancing is a perennial favourite and works very well with groups as a way of boosting their energy levels, and challenging preconceptions. Great as a group activity and suitable for partner and individual dancing, it is renowned for being one of the most addictive and energetic dances in the world. Accompanied by the rhythm of live African Drumming, participants learn some basic steps in no time at all, and by the end of the session start to get creative with them. It’s quite a workout, but it creates energy and is a great pick-me-up the morning after a gala dinner. As team building ideas go, this is rated as one of the most challenging but rewarding events. Shared memories and a new-found skill help delegates to interact better, as this shared experience breaks down barriers.

Strengthen your team

Many of our team building activities are successful because they tap into participants’ core energies. With a choice of African, Samba and Junkyard Drumming, your team will benefit from sharpened listening and concentration, and learn focus and risk-taking skills. Junkyard drumming is designed to encourage creativity, stimulate conversation and to realise a sense of achievement with few resources. This is a useful skill in today’s economic climate, and the point of the exercise is never lost on delegates. Making the most of simple household items such as baking trays, buckets, water butts, cheese graters and brooms to create inspirational sounds, this form of team building training results in powerful conversations within the team. The junkyard instruments become experimental tools for the group and once everyone has the chance to try them out a final performance is orchestrated. Delegates experience in practice that a successful team does not have to rely on fancy equipment; an innovative spirit is more important. A similar team building activity, Samba Drumming, demonstrates the value of diversity, developing motivation and increasing team spirit. This is achieved by creating a high-energy carnival atmosphere, with participants playing a variety of instruments, such as agogo bells, tambourines, claves, rattling snares and massive surdo bass drums. Teams are often amazed by what they can create and always go away feeling powerful and re-energised. Page d’accueil



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Awesome. Great addition to the program. Tom's performance really did finish the day off. EVERYONE got involved rather than just sitting and listening.
Simon Moore, Regus