Diversity in Action

One of our great pleasures is inventing new team building sessions.  We pioneered Team Singing many years ago, and Africa Remix is another unique offer that consistently delivers unforgettable memories. Clients tell us that their colleagues are still talking about this session weeks after the event.

Africa Remix is suitable for larger groups and for company celebrations and team building – where the aim is to learn different skills and bring everyone together in one amazing performance.

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How it works

Participants have the opportunity to experience and learn activities that give them a real taste of the spice and spirit of African culture. Africa Remix is a mixture of the most catchy, accessible and stirring rhythms and songs that we know – we draw on a huge archive of songs and rhythms gathered from our travels over the years.

We associate Africa with the dynamic, earthy rhythms of tribal drums and a strong sense of community (Ubuntu).

UBUNTU defines as: an innate sense of collective responsibility – “I am because we are”…  So it’s a powerful structure for team building events.

What many people don’t realise is that – in Africa – there is never drumming without song, or song without dance; the elements are inextricable and all inclusive. Everybody belongs, everybody has a part to play – regardless of age and ability.

How the session works – Example: In 90 minutes delegates might attend 30 minute sessions at 2 of these workshops:

NB: depending on available time delegates might attend 3 or more workshops, up to 60 minutes long, before re-joining their colleagues for the finale.  The climax is a stunning orchestrated performance where all the parts come together: drummers, percussionists, singers and dancers join in a collective celebration that is ‘Ubuntu’ at work.


  • practical experience of the power of diversity in a team
  • deeper understanding of the benefits of full participation
  • willingness to take risks
  • celebration of team spirit and unity




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You demonstrated an outstanding professionalism in all aspects of our collaboration. The design of the event and the facilitation of the workshops created the buy in of the participants, who were led to learn and evolve individually and collectively. It was a piece of our history and a unique moment for us all.
Nadine Lemaitre, Chiairperson, Suez Energy