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African Drumming

Group drumming is perfect for teambuilding – it’s fun, it’s inclusive, regardless of age, gender or weather; it taps into core energies and stimulates team participation. It bonds and motivates the players and sharpens listening, concentration, focus and risk-taking.

Choose Team Drumming to energise and motivate and improve co-operation and boost team synergy. Call us now to talk about the best session for your team.

Basic drum patterns and the rhythms of Africa, are recognised at a deep level by everyone – they have been the pump and heartbeat of western popular music for decades. Not only do we respond physically and emotionally to the beat of the drum, but research shows that rhythm activities quickly integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This means that drumming can literally make us brainier!  Sharper and more focused, anyway.

Session Outline

When delegates walk into the room they see an exotic array of authentic West African djembe drums. After a humorous warm-up we facilitate simple interlocking parts that soon become musical ­ giving delegates a palpable sense of achievement. The group learns to ‘rumble’, play call-and-response patterns; delegates have the opportunity to work in smaller groups where they invent their own unique rhythms to add to the final orchestrated ‘performance’ piece.

The whole sound is powerful, resonant and much greater than the sum of the parts ­ a great team metaphor.


develops energy, motivation and a sense of achievement

increases team spirit and cohesion

boosts energy and receptivity

increases focus and concentration

develops personal presence and confidence

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Harmony and Rhythm are important to build a strong organisation here in Russia. Your sessions really helped us to identify ourselves as One Team
Armand Voskertchyan HR Johnson & Johnson