Creating Rhythm with nothing but ourselves

Body Percussion is as old as the hills and as young as hip-hop. It is literally the embodiment of rhythm. No instruments are needed, just the willingness to pause your daily routine and try something new.

Call us and we’ll tell you more about how it works and send you some links so that you can see what it’s all about.

Our sessions start with slapping, clapping, clicking and stomping – the whole group warms up in a humorous way, before learning simple parts that form a complex whole when performed together.

Won’t some people get left behind?

You’d think so wouldn’t you, but the answer is “No”.

Our sessions are structured so that before you reach your limit and forget everything you’ve just achieved you’re encouraged to stop and just do what you’re capable of on that day. There’s no shame in that, in fact it’s essential to the group’s success to have some people just stomping the beat out to anchor the rest of the rhythmic questers.

At whatever level, as people become more comfortable with the parts and begin moving with the music they are making a tangible connection is created. The parts may be simple but the combination is impressively complex. You have to ‘not think about it’ while holding enough focus to keep doing it.

Body percussion is challenging and rewarding, and if you want to get people into a place where they’ve completely forgotten about their mobile phones this is it!


  • creates connection in a fun way
  • the team leans to embody messages
  • stimulates left and right brain simultaneously
  • highlights what we can do with limited resources

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Tom and Dawn’s rhythm session was great fun; it broke down the barriers quickly and helped us all feel refreshed and well connected throughout our meeting.
Cathy Dunn, HR manager, BP