Boomwhackers for Rhythmic Harmony

Boomwhackers are a new form of tuned percussion – coloured plastic tubes, between one and four feet long.

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Boomwhackers are so easy to play –

Hold a tube in one hand, whack it with the other, and you get a resonant musical note. All the notes are within the key of C, so they all harmonise with each other – resulting in instant music!

With our facilitation, dividing the group in different ways, much inspiring fun can be had with Boomwhackers. Hundreds of people can play at the same time, or a team of ten can quickly discover their hidden musical talents, with much laughter along the way.

This session is suitable even for very large groups in theatre-style seating, as well as smaller groups. No restrictions on clothing.

 Benefits of this session:

  • hones personal and team co-ordination
  • develops listening skills
  • increases alertness
  • instant fun

Feedback from recent clients:

Nestle UK – wanted the delegates to learn to play a tune on the boomwhackers in a short time.

“This was a great way to motivate and energise a group of people – and good  to show people how quickly they can come together very quickly to do something  which at first sight may have seemed pretty difficult and alien to  many. I would definitely recommend you to anyone else in future, who is looking for this sort of thing”. Jeanette Wilkner – Head of L and D Nestle Cereals

ESAB UK –  We ran a 2 hour Boomwhacker session for a group of 20 senior managers who were embarking on an intensive week-long training. After its success we have been asked to return to run similar sessions as part of future trainings.

Really good to meet you at the ESAB leadership programme last week. The session you ran was really good and the whole group thought it excellent.”  Mark Withers – Consultant

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I was amazed at the speed of our clients' involvement with these strange instruments. The instant music created a great atmosphere and the metaphors they drew from the experience moved us forward considerably in our thinking about their project. 
Crispin Reed, Partner, Sterling Brands Europe