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As you can imagine we at Instant Teamwork have immersed ourselves for the past 20 years and beyond in understanding teams, team dynamics and what it really takes to build teamwork.  We have an unblemished global track record as team builders because of this passion.

We can talk about what your team needs and advise activities and/or training to build great teamwork.

There are some basic ground rules, qualities and behaviours needed for building teamwork – and it’s not something you can get out of a book. The team needs to  experience working and performing together as one team – and this can be done fast – instantly, in fact.

Our facilitators are adept at creating performance challenges at just the right level to build teamwork rather than undermine it.

Should we use Competition or Collaboration to build the team?  That depends on who they are, what stage they are at and what’s needed right now.  Call us and we’ll discuss what we mean by this.

We have a trunk full of Team Games and Exercises, designed to give experiences of Collaboration and Motivating Competition. From 20 minutes to full days. Ask us what we can offer to fit your team.

Team Theory

A team, as opposed to a ‘working group’, should be small enough to enable members to communicate with each other easily and ideally each should know the value of his/her place in the team. Each will have a role that may be in addition to the technical or operational role they hold in the organisation.

People often say that there is no ‘I’ in team, but a successful team will operate well on two levels – as one unit, with a common vision and goal, and as a collective of individuals who are prepared to take responsibility for their own part in achieving the results. In fact research has shown that effective teams allow for individual excellence in performance; when this is linked to common goals and purposes the whole team is fuelled to achieve.

We know that it’s as important to engage the hearts as the minds of a team when we want to improve its performance and cohesion.  So we design our activities accordingly.  They involve the whole individual and team and are never simply about figuring out the solution to a puzzle.

Depending on the results you want from your teamwork session we customise activities or training tools to give you the best outcomes. We start from the outcomes and work back to decide the content of the sessions.

Some elements may include:

Team Games

Team Drumming

Team roles and dynamics – Belbin

Team Singing



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On our feedback forms 90% of people said their favourite parts of the conference were the African drumming, singing and dancing sessions. You can’t get better than that.
Milos Deznak MD. J&J Slovenia