We are specialists in creativity – releasing and harnessing it in ourselves and others.  So we know the unparalleled benefits of releasing the creative juices in a team.

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We are not alone in recognising the power of creativity in a team.  Our passionate belief is supported by our combined life and organisational experience, study and understanding of teams – and is well backed up by solid research.  Leveraging the innate creativity in teams allows individuals in the team to believe in their own capabilities, set their own vision for the results they want, and find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by most organisations at present.

It is vital to encourage collaboration in a team – stress and fear sabotage creativity.  Leaders should focus on explicitly empowering and encouraging their teams when they want to release its creativity. They need to encourage a certain amount of risk-taking too, which can take courage.

Our expert facilitators quickly build trust in the teams we work with, people have fun, laugh and relax – important precursors to a creative session. Our exercises encourage new thinking, which is always celebrated.  The sessions end with an enthusiastic buzz that the team can take back into their everyday environment.

Team activities that encourage creativity include:


Team Drumming

Team Singing

Tribal Mask Making

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling for Leaders

Stories for Business



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In a few minutes, Instant Teamwork set the tone for the conference. They generated excitement and enthusiasm in a group of people who'd never met. They turned a room full of strangers into a room full of people who were comfortable and happy to interact with each other for the rest of the day.
Ruth Sacks, Association of Project Managers