New for 2013!

The CUP GAME is perfect for teambuilding on many levels.

No special equipment is needed, but if you do want to customise your cups it’s easy and cost effective to have them printed with your company logo or team message.

You can learn it online right here right now at NO COST at all, or one of our facilitators will come and work with you, adding a few extra details.

It’s as much fun doing it with 5 people as it is with 500.

There are opportunities for fast learners to coach the slower learners, to make it a Win-Win training session for everyone.

Once you’re confident with creating the CUP GAME rhythm you can extend the exercise by adding a vocal chant, a popular song, or a song of your own making.

This isn’t just a work exercise, though it’s brilliant for developing parts of the brain that don’t get too much action in the daily routine. It’s also popular with families and provides one of those increasingly rare opportunities for families to do something together around a kitchen table, (it’s impossible to send a text while playing the CUP GAME).

Unlike paint-balling and bowling it’s an activity that you can take back to the office and get better at over the coming weeks. You can use it at your desk to prepare for the email avalanche, or you can use it when the energy slumps in a planning meeting.

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In the space of 30 minutes, to be presented with something new and then find 50 people can all do the same thing is amazing - it makes you realise it's not so difficult to work together after all.
Tom Moore, Project Manager, Symonds Group