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Dancing is an integral part of being human. People dance to express happiness, anger, frustration and longing. Many cultures even dance to make war and intimidate the enemy. Every race, creed and culture can come together in dance, creating connection and overcoming self-consciousness and judgement.

Talk to us about using dance in your team building session – there’s so much choice, depending on your team’s aptitude, purposes, gender and general up-for-it-ness! some options are: African Dance, Salsa, Bollywood, Belly Dancing, even Morris Dancing! Ask us how it all works.  

In our sessions barriers such as age and ability are soon overcome. Delegates re-discover the sense of being fully integrated in mind and body – and leave the sessions enthusiastic and delighted with their own achievements. Each team building session lasts between 20 minutes and one hour – to conserve energy levels.

We will help you make your choice – for example African Dance is very dynamic and strong and is suitable for men and women. Bollywood and Belly Dancing invite a more flamboyant attitude from the participants! Ask us about how we make Morris Dancing funky…

Delegates should wear loose clothing for these sessions – make sure there is plenty of water available.


  • creates fast team bonds, enhances receptivity
  • full body engagement
  • wakes up the right and left sides of the brain
  • energising

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I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did feel self-conscious at first but actually it was just the right thing. It was quite hard core in a way. It separated the men from the boys.
John Bumstead, Strategy and Business Planning, Director, DHL