If you’re going to have an Ice-Breaker it’s advisable to get it right. Your reputation is on the line. However meticulously you’ve organised the accommodation, the airport transfers and the menus… this needs to work.

Ice-Breakers set up the mood of the conference and give people confidence in your wisdom and your sense of humour, as well as your logistical skills.

Our Ice-Breakers are nothing to do with embarrassment and everything to do with Empowerment. Talk to us about what you’re aiming for.

The technique is to get people off their feet and physically engaged before their sceptical minds start judging the facilitator, other delegates, themselves… the last one being the most crucial.

Ranging from simple ‘applause’ games, to clapping interlocking rhythms, to singing African call-and-response chants accompanied by live drumming… then there are Boomwhackers and African drums and percussion for everyone.

Depends on your time and your budget.

Whatever you decide though please don’t think this is a luxury. It’s an essential part of any group of people coming together. It focuses everyone on the same goal straight away and they build a collective sense of achievement in the first half hour of being onsite. For some it will be ‘achieving the impossible’ and that’s worth leaving home for.

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The feedback after the evening was excellent, the dinner was great as everyone was relaxed, talking and mixing well - a great ice breaker. Well done and thanks to you all.
Wendy Sheville, Thomson