TEAM BUILDING DAYS - Instant Teamwork

Outdoor and indoor team building

Our long-standing clients trust us to design and deliver team building days to a brief. We are adept at identifying the tone, outcomes and structure that best suits the team, whatever the size or make-up.

Offers include fun away-days to full-on team training days. Contact us to discuss which is best for your team.

There is a difference between a fun away-day – an outing with a dynamic and fun activity, that takes people out of the office environment – and a team building day. We are experts at offering a fun way to enable people to challenge themselves individually, whether indoors or outside in a fresh, natural environment

Our team building days combine these elements, providing a fun challenging experience, and delivering the following outcomes:

  1. Greater cohesion and bonding among the team
  2. A sense of belonging
  3. An understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  4. A celebration of different talents and abilities that make up the team
  5. More confidence and motivation to be part of the team
  6. Understanding that support is available within the team
  7. A shared vision/ goals
  8. Celebration of something achieved together

Some of our most popular combinations for teambuilding days are:

Team Games

Team Drumming

Values and Vision

Team Storytelling

Team Harmony

Teambuilding Training





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It was very refreshing to be challenged to do something so different and so energising! In a world of email there is still no substitute for communicating on a one-to-one basis and team building music is such a fundamental and uplifting medium.
Dr Ruth Pottinger WIPM