Making Music from Junk

In keeping with our less ostentatious times Junk Funk makes the most of what we’ve got. Baking trays, buckets, rainwater butts, brooms and assorted percussion sticks combine to make some rattlingly inspired music. To the untrained ear it might sound like a load of rubbish, yet it has it’s roots in traditional Samba Carnivals and more contemporary Stomp! Shows.

Call us and we’ll talk about the instruments your team can make out of everyday objects – conjuring rhythm and harmony out of thin air…

The junk nature, of the ‘instruments’ gives people permission to get creative and experiment with them. Then, as they hear the music emerging into an impressive final performance, they begin to see and hear that rather than expensive equipment it’s the creative and innovative spirit that is crucial to being a successful team.

We rotate the instruments so everyone gets a chance at hitting big tubs with big sticks, smaller baking trays with wooden spoons, and everything in between. Pavlov said: “An unusual experience engenders in people the need to talk” – and this session certainly gets people talking.


  • encourages creative problem-solving
  • stimulates conversation
  • produces motivation and a sense of achievement
  • delivers surprises


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I have reminded my team that we often believe we can't do things until we give it a go and then we surprise ourselves by how good we are.
Margaret Pearson-Deighton, Regional Sales Manager, HBOS