Samba Summer 2014!

Whether or not you’re off to the World Cup in Rio – even if you don’t know one end of a pitch from another – you won’t fail to be caught up in the hot hot hot samba rhythms that will be flooding the airwaves between now and July. Samba is THE rhythm our feet will be dancing to – it’s one of the most magnetic rhythms in the world.  Samba is Instant Carnival.

Join in the vibe! Large and small teams can have the genuine and funky samba experience.  Call us now to find out how you can join in and create glorious musical teamwork – instantly. 

Played with sticks, on a variety of large and small instruments, the rhythm of the samba is teamwork in action. From small hand-held agogo bells, through rattling snares, to the massive surdo bass drums, every part is essential to the groove and applauded as such. The samba’s thunderous intro, timed breaks, and synchronised ending are magnetic.

Samba can be a great team building session – there are so many different parts – and each essential to the success of the whole. And the rhythms are funky and irresistible – people are amazed by the performance they can create.

Talk to us about room size – ideally it should be large enough for delegates to sit in a circle – as well as stand and walk about. Ask people to wear loose clothing – no tight skirts!


  • demonstrates the value of diversity
  • increases team spirit and harmony
  • develops motivation and a sense of achievement
  • encourages risk- taking.

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Wow! Instant Teamwork really does what it says on the tin! There was something for everyone here. The energy and the connection went on for the rest of the conference.
Jane Marsh, Training Director, DFFE