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How to handle/ avoid burnout

Instant Teamwork are at the cutting edge of stress management techniques. We have studied the causes and impacts of stress and burnout – on the individual, relationships, and potential to achieve – for over a decade.  As a result we know what works and we use it as much in our own lives as with the groups we train and facilitate.

Our team stress busters are irresistible, full of laughter, they engage the full body, not just the brain, and use rhythm and music in a way that banishes stress.

We offer a full range of stress management sessions, from team stress buster activities, to executive training modules designed to prevent burnout.

Contact us to discuss whether you want a fun team stress buster or a deeper, more sustainable event.

A level of stress at work is so familiar now that for many it is just a normal element of the working day. Most of us are used to coping with it, covering it up, we even say that we thrive on it.  And yet some of the symptoms are crippling – exhaustion, depleted energy levels (even out of work) back ache, headaches. And all the research points to the damage stress causes to rational decision-making, relationships and longterm results.  Our sessions address stress in different ways – through physical activity, emotions and our thought patterns.

We all know now that, if only we could solve the problems of stress, there would be a marked improvement in productivity, team spirit and general morale and enthusiasm at work.

A team stress buster event focuses on fun, accessible quick-fixes, and delivers the experience of shifting underlying stress.

What to expect at a team stress buster:

Our facilitators walk the talk and deliver an informative and energy-boosting blend of activity, fun and input, bringing the latest techniques and theories to life. Depending on the length of the session delegates experience the power of rhythm, body work, movement, yoga, breathing and learn how to combat the adverse effects of computers and mobile phones.

It’s fun AND it’s good for you!


  • encourages healthier lifestyles
  • improves staff retention
  • reduces absenteeism
  • boosts morale and creative problem-solving

This session usually requires space for movement – delegates should wear loose clothing.

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Just remembering the exercises immediately seems to calm me down in the office. And if i actually DO them I'm chilled for the whole day. And somehow twice as productive.
Jack Leicester, Creative Director, Camden Lock