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Developing a high-performing team

We understand how to enhance team performance – what’s really needed to perform at our best. We have two decades of experience delivering teamwork sessions, assessment and training around the world.

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In a recession, more than ever, organisations need to sharpen their awareness of how teams are performing. It is vital to boost motivation and improve their efficiency and productivity. Many teams are leaner now and may have experienced restructuring – people have seen colleagues leave the team. They may feel a level of demotivation, despite the fact that they themselves have a job. But now they need to work smarter too. 

We have spent 20 years researching and exploring what makes great, high-performing teams. Resoundingly the solution to improving team performance comes down to two vital elements: ­

  • Emotional intelligence [individuals know they are valued and feel a sense of loyalty to each other]
  • The balance between the individual, the team and the task at hand.

Most people spend 95% of our time at work focusing on productivity – the task. But there are three elements that need to be in balance to maximise potential: task, team and self.

In our Team Performance sessions delegates learn skills to keep this balance in place, while sustaining the necessary focus, attitude and behaviours. They also experience what it’s like to operate as a high performing team and learn techniques to overcome the barriers that prevent us from operating at peak performance.

Our sessions are inductive and experiential and include practical exercises to embed and fast-track learning.

Check-list of factors that put a rocket under team performance:

  1. Regular setting of goals, vision and plans – have a clearly understood mission that encapsulates the team’s purpose.
  2. Clarity on team roles and responsibilities
  3. Healthy and connected relationships among team members.
  4. An explicit decision-making process
  5. Productive, purposeful meetings
  6. Strong, appropriate leadership
Leaders of teams should also ensure that lines of communication are clear within the team, any conflicts and problems are seen to be resolved in a transparent and timely way, and that they are seen to be aware of development opportunities and talent management for individuals.




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