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We are constantly inventing and revising our offers, so that whatever the size of your company or team at work, we deliver activities to bring out the best and give them a memorable experience of successful team work.

Get in touch with us to find out what would suit your team best. The more information you can give us, the more we can tailor the activities to suit you.

Like Leadership, Teambuilding is a massive subject. There are almost as many books written and studies carried out on how to bring the best out in teams as there are on Leadership.

We have studied theories, models and concepts over the years and come to our own conclusions; but most of all we draw on 20 years hands-on experience of team building in organisations of all sizes. We have found that, while the structure and cultures in different organisations and work places are widely diverse, they are staffed and managed by people – and human beings are not as different from each other as we sometimes imagine. Blue, white, no-collar, suits, work boots and hard hats, even entrepreneurs respond to the right activity and the right tone.

We realise that it’s vital to engage the hearts as the minds of a team in order to boost its performance and sense of unity.  So we design our activities to involve the whole person and team – they are rarely only about working out the solution to a puzzle.

Consequently, although clients sometimes ask us for an ‘X Factor’ type of activity, or an aggressively competitive session, we believe strongly that effective team building is best achieved through collaboration, rather than competition.

So, although we may provide an element of ‘crisis’, something to work through and solve, our team building activities for work provide opportunities to learn and bond through collaboration. In Africa there is the philosophy of Ubuntu.  Ubuntu means in essence ‘I am because we are’, and for us this lies at the heart of building successful and happy teams.

We design our sessions with an eye on inclusiveness – of age, gender and ability – in the belief that everybody’s contribution is crucial to achieving targets.  Although many clients ask us for team building events to be held in an off-site venue we are more than happy to come into the office or factory and flex around your own situation and hours of work. We offer ‘off the shelf’ team activities for work and we are also happy to co-create sessions that fit a particular teams’s needs and/or environment.

Some ideas for teambuilding activities for work:

Team Games


Team Harmony

Tribal mask making


African drumming



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I really enjoyed the morning. Because it involved concentration and some risk, it felt like a shared task rather than just a bit of fun - although of course it was fun! I loved the singing and was amazed by how little resistance there was to it - a testament to the gentle way you led us to it.
participant, Sussex University