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Team Energy Management

It’s vital to manage your energy at work – not your time!

The main issue for managers and leaders at the moment is not finding more time or prioritising better – it’s how to energise and engage your existing colleagues and staff members.

We offer short and long term solutions to managing energy and engagement. Talk to us about where you want to start.

Brand New for 2013 are our short programmes of half – day Manage Your Energy Masterclasses for teams and departments.

We can all generate and sustain our own energy, no matter what’s going on – by learning some simple techniques that focus on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual sources and saboteurs of Energy.

Participants receive insights and techniques from facilitators who have made a lifelong study in different energy disciplines and who deliver lively and refreshing sessions with plenty of time for personal experience and practice.

Our short Instant Energy, energiser sessions are included in annual conferences as an irresistible, full-body boost, refresher or celebration.

Read what the Harvard Business Review says about managing Energy:

Research was undertaken in the banking industry – introducing simple practices to renew, manage and maintain energy. They discovered that productivity was improved and performance sustained.

  • On average they produced 13% higher revenues than those who did not take part
  • 68% of participants said the programme had a positive impact on their relationships with clients and customers
  • 71% of participants said it had a noticeable or substantial positive impact on their productivity and performance
  • Many reported feeling more engaged with the company’s values and vision because they felt the organisation was investing in all of the dimensions of their lives.

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Due to your course I’ve become healthier, slimmer, can sleep better, feel calmer, am enjoying life more as I’m doing more for me not just for others... THANK YOU!
Kim Browne, Danone Waters UK