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Teambuilding Exercises

We have a pick ‘n mix selection of Team Games – all designed to deliver fun and healthy competition at events and meetings, whatever the size or venue. Choose from our Team Games to get everyone on their feet, laughing and talking and figuring out how to succeed.  Call us to decide which games and exercises are right for your event. Team Games activities are very flexible – we can deliver brief activities that can easily be integrated throughout a conference or away day, as well as tailoring sessions to last anything from 30 mins to full days. Most of the team games we offer rely on people communicating well with each other, so they are a great way to energise and bond teams and groups of teams. Some of the exercises are puzzles that need solving, others require working together as one in order to succeed. We design activities to maximise the development of competitive edge combined with the ability to collaborate and produce the best of the best. People are invited to encourage each other and the opposing teams, while still maintaining a sense of competitive edge. Whether the team chooses School Sports Day, Balancing Act, Nuclear Reactor, or any number of  fun, edgy and challenging Team Games – they are guaranteed to motivate and engage the team, and give a welcome relief from Death by Power Point! Just remember – the Games master (or Mistress) is ALWAYS right.

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In all senses this was a better event than last year - we really appreciated that links were made to our values in a fun way!
Eddy de Brulle HR Director Ageas