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Group singing is very much in the public eye at the moment, what with Gareth Malone’s great TV programmes like ‘Sing while you Work’ , and the BBC’s Nation-wide challenge to join a group and start singing.  All over the country Brits are throwing off their self-consciousness and starting to sing.  And businesses/ organisations of all kinds are no exception.

Team Harmony is one of our most powerful sessions – resulting in truly uplifted, engaged teams.  In our sessions we introduce easy-to-learn world music harmony songs – with interlocking parts – in large groups. Nobody is ever asked to sing solo!

At Instant Teamwork we pioneered the use of group singing for team building some fifteen years ago. Speak to us now about your team and we’ll see if it’s the right session for you. 

Did you know that people who sing are healthier than those who don’t? Because singing releases endorphins into the system it actually lifts our mood, making us feel energised and uplifted.  In fact the health benefits of singing are well documented:

  • Singing improves your state of mind.
  • It is an effective as a stress reliever and improves sleep
  • Singing releases pain-relieving endorphins
  • Posture improves
  • Lung capacity increases
  • Singing clears sinuses and respiratory tubes
  • Mental alertness improves
  • Singing tones facial and stomach muscles
  • It boosts the immune system
  • Confidence increases

And yet 90% of people think they can’t sing. We take groups in easy, reassuring stages. Our warm-up quickly addresses the universal fear of singing in public, and never fails to get a confidence-building chant going in the group in the first few minutes. From there we move on to more melodic, uplifting (mainly) African songs with simple words. This is accompanied by energising African drumming, which is irresistible and easily gets people moving.

Much to everyone’s surprise we then move into group harmony singing, which is an inspiring, dynamic and unforgettable experience. It’s hard to imagine the sheer power of voices raised in astonished tunefulness – unless you’ve been part of it. Our groups often find themselves raising the roof in tuneful celebration a very short time after they have started.

Far from not being able to sing, our experience shows that they can; in fact after half an hour we have difficulty stopping them. People are always surprised by how quickly they can produce a great sound together and this builds their confidence and team cohesiveness easily. As a team-building exercise it’s hard to beat the sense of mutual achievement and delight.


  • Enhances confidence
  • Increases team spirit and harmony
  • Develops motivation and a sense of achievement

Group harmony singing rapidly develops confidence and listening skills; it boosts energy and creates a fully bonded team. Enhanced team spirit and a sense of achievement come from overcoming personal resistance and limiting beliefs.

Research over a period of 30 years, conducted by the International Music Education Research Centre at the University of London has pin-pointed why singing is so good for us.  We know that the physical, mental and emotional are all integrated within us – and this means that the nervous, endocrine and immune systems are all linked. The fact that music is experienced in several sites in the brain, combined with the definitely aerobic exercise that singing represents means that ‘pleasure’ hormones are released.  That’s why we feel happy even when we’re singing the Blues – it’s the singing that makes the difference!

So – not only are we improving our cardiovascular system, decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone), and flooding our system with pleasure, but we are also filling our lungs and vastly increasing the amount of oxygen we take in.  So we’re more alert.  It’s win-win all the way.

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How do you get 150 delegates from 50 territories to sing in harmony in half an hour? Ask Instant Teamwork – they flew in to Helsinki and broke the ice big time with their easy humour and musical expertise. Our people loved it and they’re still talking about it.
Lynn Rutter, HR, Nokia