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Metaphors are the spice in our stories, they lift the listeners away from the current situation and allow them to imagine and to make strong links in their own minds – so they can be very powerful.  It’s no coincidence that all the great teachers and philosophers and writers, people with something important to say, use metaphor, parable and myth. Dawn Ellis

Here we believe that we already work in heroic company. Most of us have to be pretty heroic just to motivate ourselves to get out of bed and do a cracking day’s work – let alone all the other great stuff we get done in our lives.  This spell-binding session gives teams the chance to be the heroes in their own story.

Call us and we will talk excitedly, if you let us, about the power of storytelling and how your team will benefit from this. Or we can just give you the facts.

This powerful, stimulating session gives teams a memorable, in-depth experience of who they are, what their journey has been, how they have handled the challenges they’ve faced and what they vision for the future. It’s a fast-paced and fun event, as well as giving people a lot to talk about for weeks to come.

Details: Instant Teamwork facilitates the team to create a heroic story – and perform it, all in one session. The outcome is that the team tells the story of its ‘journey’ within the company- its adventures, trials, challenges, setbacks and victories – in mythic form – in other words, creates its own heroic myth.

Simple warm-up activities soon relax the group and they are facilitated to find archetypes, metaphors and icons (whether from Disney, Tolkien or Hindu legend) with which to describe the key moments and characters in their story.

As their story is told back to them they make deep links in their own minds and come to a clearer understanding of their identity, past and current situation.  They also begin to see ways forward. Finally they are released into groups to ransack props and costume boxes and perform chapters of the story to each other.

The result is an imaginative and often hilarious concoction of magical realism, based on the team and company’s actual experiences. We provide guidance with characters and themes, special effects, props and materials for costumes.


–       improves knowledge sharing and creates a common language

–       enhances strategic thinking and understanding

–       builds lasting bonds based on experiential challenges and fun

–       releases and expands creative problem solving

This session is ideal for:

  • recent mergers, so that teams can get to know each other quickly and have an instant shared history.
  • bringing together virtual teams who meet rarely.
  • an offsite strategy day, combining visioning and strategic planning.
  • when a manager is about to leave.
  • celebrating success
  • consolidation during or after changes
  • getting a new manager or team leader on board fast

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