“We spend most of our time in organisations talking and thinking about the visible and discernible things – facts, actions, processes, even though it is the invisible values, attitudes and narratives that are actually driving most of what is going on” Steve Denning

Once we become aware of the ‘invisible’ elements – values, attitudes and narratives – we can harness them to drive results.  One way is through understanding the value of actively creating and communicating the narrative of the team or organisation. There will always be a narrative – it’s up to us to be the Author of the stories that define our business.

At Instant Teamwork stories are our passion. We have studied, performed and facilitated stories and storytelling all our lives. Talk to us about your stories and who you want to tell them to.

We can all achieve powerful engagement of others through storytelling. The strength of the impact derives from: a clear message; a powerful story, making the message real and living for the audience; confident delivery congruent with the message and story and tailored to the audience.

We tailor our sessions according to your people and particular situation.  Depending on time and context the session/s may contain:

  • Exercises to free up creativity
  • Techniques and information, guidelines for building stories
  • Exercises to craft generic stories
  • Exercises to build stories for specific purposes

 Outcomes – delegates will:        

Discover the elements of successful stories

Learn how to discern which information to use and how to create a cohesive story from it

Understand the differences between stories for entertainment and stories for other purposes

Practice generating stories from information

Be confident to give their opinion or conclusions

Give and receive feedback

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Our Knowledge Management study found that most knowledge comes from people talking by the coffee machine. Instant Teamwork brings people together and lets us see people’s faces. Their work gives us a shared experience that allows information and knowledge to transfer to others easily.
Albin Soares, Quality Manager, Lucent Technology